Media Matters for Pakistan is a web based initiative, designed to act as an informal watchdog over the mainstream media in Pakistan. This platform aims to highlight issues of ethics and ideology in the mainstream media content. We aim to develop a counter narrative to the exceedingly right-wing, moral policing based programming that has taken hold of the media.

Hosted on the website this initiative aims to monitor the mainstream media, particularly the broadcast media and comment on instances that are of particular interest. The website will also feature more comprehensive research on media content in both print and electronic media, particularly to create an understanding of the developing trends in the media.

We seek the access the stories and the production methodologies used by the mainstream media in Pakistan, both to initiate a sustained commentary and to document the developing trends in the industry. In the beginning this website will be documenting, archiving and commenting upon media content that specifically calls attention to itself. The project will look at media content to identify preferred and ignored themes in the media, identify editorial policy differences across different platforms and in particular identify issues of professionalism. The project will look at the gaps that exist in coverage and comments on areas that require further attention from the media.


بشر ہو خبر ہو یا ہو افواہ۔ آپ کا میڈیا رکھتا ہے سب پر نظر۔طاقت کے ایوانوں میں موجود حکمراں، یا سرحدوں کی حفاظت کرتے جواں۔ میڈیا کی نظر سے کوئی نہیں بچ سکتا۔ آج کا میڈیا ہے انتہائی طاقتور۔ اور طاقت کے دیگر مراکز کی طرح، طاقت کا یہ گڑھ بھی مسائل سے عاری نہیں۔ اس طاقتور میڈیا کو بھی آپ کو جوابدہ ہونا ہے۔ اور آپ کے لئے، ہم رکھیں گے، میڈیا پر نظر۔ میڈیا میٹرز فار پاکستان پر۔   

Media Par Nazar keeps an eye on the factors that influence Pakistan’s mediascape – the factors that most others including the mainstream media itself tends to miss .. be it the digital switch over of Pakistan’s otherwise analog (broadcast) media or daily proceedings of media, broadcast & information related parliamentary committees, Media Par Nazar aims to monitor, document and more importantly, critically analyse the players involved. Launching soon on – Stay tuned for details.

The initiative has been launched by Media Matters for Democracy - MMfD – a not for profit geared towards rights based advocacy for freedom of media, regulation policy reform and freedom of expression, online and offline, strengthening democratic values in Pakistan. We are a team of young and dynamic media professionals, passionate about introducing higher journalistic standards, advocating for media rights, encouraging innovation, and Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development. We truly believe an empowered media is the lifeline of an open and progressive society, hence a vital element for democratic progress in Pakistan.

For us the media isn’t just broadcast and print or mainstream and commercial, but integrates all alternate, digital and social mediums; with this broad media-scape as our domain, we work on research, advocacy and coalition building. We believe in simultaneous development of capacity and public policy and so incorporate all methods of intervention in our efforts to aid Pakistani media become independent, robust and enlightened. Media Matters for Pakistan has been inspired by a similar project Media Matters for America .


What can YOU do as a citizen? Become a part of our advocacy campaigns, sign online petitions, get the word of mouth going and help us build critical mass for media reforms.

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