PFUJ’s regional chapter RIUJ denounces government’s attempt to develop a kill-switch-like mechanism – says government should instead work towards increasing the spaces for free expression – warns of country wide demonstrations in protest.

Upcoming PEMRA Amendment Act 2015 aims to legitimize ‘scrambling ‘of television broadcast signals if and when required. Channels will be bound to move transmissions from international satellites to PAKSAT, Pakistan’s national satellite. According to reports, the decision was made under the National Action Plan framework.

Speaking to us, Bilal Dar, Secretary General of Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists said the union will consider any such step, an attack on press freedom and will ensure nothing of sort gets Parliament’s endorsement. He ensured support for the National Action Plan but simultaneously asked that the government should refrain from actions curbing media’s freedom.

He emphasized on the union’s role in country’s quest for press freedom, said the media should play a constructive role; freedom not censorship is the only forward.

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Asad Baig

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