Pakistan’s First Ethical Media Audit – Data, Trends and Key Findings

Conducted by Pakistan Press Foundation under the umbrella of Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism, in partnership with Mishal Pakistan and Media Matters for Democracy, Ethical Media Audit is the first its kind research aimed at quantifying ‘media ethics’.

Media Audit is a research and advocacy tool used worldwide to analyse reporting practices of media outlets and can be used to assess shortcomings in media’s professional standards. It can also be used in conjunction with various thematic areas to spot under or overexposure of a certain theme or a beat.

Building on the concept, Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism through Ethical Media Audit, analysed Pakistan’s media against a set of pre-defined, internationally recognised journalism principles, to establish an index for media ethics.

In this first phase, three (03) media outlets — Jang Group, Express Group and Business Recorder Group — were selected and following broadcast and print units of these groups were monitored for a period of three months (from June 2014 to September 2014) :

Jang Group

1. Geo News (Broadcast – 2 bulletins @ 3PM and @ 9PM )

2. Daily Jang (Print – Urdu)

3. Daily The News (Print – English)

Express Group

1. Express News (Broadcast- 2 bulletins @ 3PM and @ 9PM)

2. Daily Express (Print – Urdu)

3. Express Tribune (Print – English)

Business Recorder Group

1. Aaj TV (Broadcast- 2 bulletins @ 3PM and @ 9PM)

2. Daily Business Recorder (Print – English)

News items in above outlets were monitored and categorised in following categories:

  1. Institutions
  2. Corruption
  3. Governance
  4. Crime
  5. Foreign Policy
  6. Human Rights
  7. Social Justice
  8. Economy
  9. Politics
  10. Religion
  11. Sports
  12. Entertainment
  13. Zarb-e-Azab (Only for Broadcast)
  14. Internally Displaced People (Only for Broadcast)
  15. Others (Only for Broadcast)

For a detailed analysis of this data, indicators and findings, please read full report here.


Designed by: the members of Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism

Conducted by: Pakistan Press Foundation

Print content monitoring by: Pakistan Press Foundation

Broadcast content monitoring by: Mishal Pakistan

Narrative report and analysis by: Asad Baig (Media Matters for Democracy)


Additional Media:

Pakistan Today – Read full story here.




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  1. It is a great effort. I didn’t expect that media is gone too far in assessment of its own. Great. Yet there are few questions and suggestions, that too for the sake of improvement. How these two words are defined? “pluralism’ and ‘fairness” which seem to be most affected. Similarly there seems to be an approach of “Ethics” from the angle of the pure Western styled. It needs to be corrected to include Pakistani, Islamic context. I believe a recheck from that angle too, will add more quality to this great effort.

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