How to make money online with start blogging.?

A lot of people are interested in starting a blog, but it can look intimidating at first glance.

There are lots of new terms and phrases to learn and various new platforms to become proficient with.

There is plenty of information available online, but here I will put together a basic step by step guide for anyone considering starting a blog.

For this guide we are going to assume that you already have a topic or niche chosen already.

Step 1 – Choose A Blog Name

The blog name can be related to your topic directly, such as the name for this website “what is affiliate marketing”, or it can be a more branded name.

An example of a branded name website would be Amazon. (The name does not mention it’s topic/niche which is online shopping).

There are merits for both sides of the coin when choosing a name.

Topic Based Name

Obviously a name that is topic/niche based is easy for a customer to remember and what you see is what you get as far as content.

The benefit of this is that such names tend to contain keywords which is a plus in terms of potential search engine results ranking.

Although not as big a factor as it used top be, it certainly does not hurt matters to have keywords in your blog name.

The minus to this aspect is that most of the top keyword rich domains are already owned by someone or are premium domains that can cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

There are also established websites that will already have quite a hold on search engine results due to site age, amount of content, trust and authority.

Branded Name.

A branded name also has its plus and minus points.

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