Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

All of the above boils down to one key aspect.


There are a LOT of ways to make money online.

Advertising Revenue

Sponsored Posts

Creating Your Own Products

The list is huge and changing everyday as some fall out of favor and new ones evolve.

Some will be added to this site as time goes on so be sure to follow on social media and to bookmark the homepage.

As I mentioned above you can make money on a percentage of sales revenue commission basis.

However some affiliate programs pay flat rate bounties or even residual payments.


Some affiliate programs pay a flat rate bounty.

For example an affiliate program may pay you $20 for every free sign up you refer.

I have seen credit card affiliate offers in the past that paid an affiliate bounty of $250 for every person referred that applied and qualified for a credit card.

At ONE a day, over a year, that would amount to $91250 a year income. (365 x $250)

Now consider 2 or 3 or more a day on average.

People made a LOT of money from those programs.

All from posting links within content.

Consider that carefully.

I have also seen as recent as today, as I write this I did a quick search, offers that pay $65 for referrals and also 60% residual income on every purchase that customer makes for life.

*Consider the fact that affiliate marketing is a huge and profitable business, otherwise companies wouldn’t be paying these kind of bounties.

Residual Payments

Some affiliate offers also provide residual income.

In other words, if you refer people to such an offer and they sign up, then you get a cut of every payment they make or product they purchase.

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